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Twitter: Which celebs do you allow in your pocket?

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Seacrest_lLike the rest of the world, I recently joined Twitter (@davekarger if you care to follow me). And the first thing I did was decide which celebs I wanted to follow and which ones I just couldn’t take on. For instance, I immediately signed up for updates from Lance Armstrong (I love the daily reports about driving his kids to school), Fred Durst (lots of people hate him but I find him fascinating), and A Fine Frenzy (my fave up-and-coming pop-music act). But I passed on the triumvirate of A-list Tweeters, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and John Mayer; I figure if something major happens in their Twitterverse, I’m sure I’ll read about it in the gossip magazines.

In almost all the above cases, I need to log onto Twitter to read the updates from the people I follow. There’s only one celeb, however, whose tweets are allowed access directly to my Blackberry, and that’s Ryan Seacrest, who clearly holds a special place in my heart. He’s completely underrated as American Idol‘s emcee, if you ask me. I always seek him out on on KIIS-FM when I’m in Los Angeles. And his Twitter updates are a mixture of riotous out-of-nowhere observations (“Miley’s grandma’s hair is stiff. felt it this morning”) to juicy Idol tidbits (“anoop did not seem happy…the stairs and doors broke during rehearsal and set everyone back 30 mins”). Whenever I hear that little new-text-message bing, I’m like a Pavlovian puppy ready for his next fix.

What about you? Which Twitter-happy celebrities do you allow in your pocket?

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