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Sacha Gervasi: Q&A

The ”Anvil! The Story of Anvil” director talks about how he heard of the band, how he financed the movie, and what he’s doing next

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How did you first hear of Anvil?
When I was 15, I met them at the Marquee club in London. I’d seen Lips on the front cover of a magazine in a figure-hugging leather outfit. I rushed backstage and said, ”I’m your No. 1 fan in England.” And they said, ”Come on the road with us next summer.” I roadied with them three times during the ’80s and then just lost touch.

Meanwhile, you became a journalist and then a screenwriter…
I wrote The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks. And I’m a script doctor. But there was no way a studio was going to back this movie. So I broke the cardinal rule of the film business: I paid for it myself. I mortgaged my house for the second time to make the movie.

Do you have any other directing projects in the works?
I’m going to do the true story of Hervé Villechaize from Fantasy Island. I was the last journalist to interview him. A week later, he killed himself. It’s a dinner interview as he flashes back on his life.

Who’s playing Villechaize?
Peter Dinklage.

He is the obvious choice.
Well, we could get Billy Zane on his knees. But that would be dumb.