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”Project Runway,” Aaron Sorkin, and ”A Nightmare on Elm Street” were in the news this week

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Finally! Project Runway to strut again this summer
On April 1, The Weinstein Co., NBC Universal, and Lifetime settled the lawsuits that had plagued Project Runway for almost a year. Season 6 will now premiere on Lifetime, most likely in August. As a settlement for selling Runway without letting NBC make a final counter-offer, The Weinstein Co. will pay NBC a fee that one source puts at ”a few million.” While NBC Universal’s Bravo lost a signature series, its replacement, The Fashion Show, will beat Runway to air when it debuts May 7. Runway exec producer Jane Cha tells EW, ”I’m glad cooler heads prevailed. I can’t tell you how many calls and e-mails I got from people who are happy it’s over.” That no doubt includes the cast of Models of the Runway, a spin-off also set to air this summer about the gals who showcase the contestants’ clothes. And yes, the Project Runway team is already looking toward a season 7. ”It’s absolutely gonna shoot this year,” says Cha. ”Full steam ahead!” — Missy Schwartz

The West Wing‘s Aaron Sorkin tackles Facebook, a possible Entourage appearance — and a new series?
It’s not exactly the comeback Aaron Sorkin fans were jonesing for, but the West Wing creator is in talks with Entourage to make a cameo on the HBO show when it returns in July. There may be more good news on the horizon, too. A source close to Sorkin told EW that along with completing his much-anticipated screenplay about the creation of Facebook and penning a legal thriller for George Clooney called The Challenge, Sorkin is mulling over the idea of a TV drama that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a cable news program (think: Keith Olbermann on MSNBC). A rep for Sorkin declined to comment, but the big guy himself acknowledged (appropriately enough, on his Facebook page) that he misses TV and hopes to pen a pilot soon. ”The hour drama isn’t dead,” he writes. ”It may have temporarily moved to cable, but if you build it, they’ll still come.” — Lynette Rice

Nightmare remake gets its newest victim
One can only hope that Kyle Gallner (The Haunting in Connecticut) will always follow in Johnny Depp‘s footsteps. New Line confirmed to EW that the actor will reprise Depp’s first movie role as the heroine’s boyfriend in its redo of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Gallner’s character, Quentin, will pair up with the yet-to-be-cast Nancy to solve the mystery of the serial child killer Freddy Krueger. ”Out of all the kids we saw, Kyle came in and killed it,” director Samuel Bayer tells EW. ”He had the role by the end of the audition, and that never happens.” Elm Street will begin shooting May 5 in Chicago for an April 16, 2010, release. Watchmen star Jackie Earle Haley is taking over Robert Englund’s role as Krueger. — Nicole Sperling