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Feist's short film with Cillian Murphy: Watch it here

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There’s no doubt Feist’s “The Water” is a chilling, beautifully-sung song, but I’m not sure if it warranted this 15-minute short film directed by her Broken Social Scene pal, Kevin Drew. Airing this week on Pitchfork.tv and IFC, the frosty tale features Batman Begins co-star Cillian Murphy and Canadian actor David Fox.

The two essentially find a mummified body (Feist) in the snow, thaw it out, and then the three sit in silence in front of a crackling fireplace, which isn’t really broken until the Feist song kicks in toward the end. Despite the snail’s pace and curious ending, there are certainly far worse things than staring at Feist and Murphy for 15 minutes, though, so watch it after the jump and tell us what you think. Just know it is about as stark a contrast from “1234” as you can get.

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