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'30 Rock': Cutbacks

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Last night’s 30 Rock, while not one of the show’s most sophisticated episodes, still had some pretty fantastic lines — and some really cute moments between Liz and Jack. My favorites, in chronological order:
1. “No, Trix, the cereal.”

2. “Finnegan’s. The bar we all go to after work. In my dreams.”

3. Liz as Steve Jobs just about killed me:

30 Rock does nerd valentines a lot — the “Lemon party” (don’t Google it, trust me), homages to viral videos — but this was particularly delectable.

4. “My name is Suri Cruise! Put your hands in the air!” I would love to see this whole rap. Really.

5. “Birds are like little dinosaurs. So what I’ll be doing is actually pretty cool. And brave.”

6. “Oh, god! That’s its bathroom!”

7. “Kenneth, get me Showtime!” “What?! Why now?!” That shriek was amazing. (But between this and The Office‘s references to Damages, this was a cable-shoutout–heavy evening on NBC, though it hardly holds a candle to all the Apple product placements.)

8. Jenna’s Lifetime movie “Hushed Rapings.

9. “Top front? Good lord, Lemon, that’s your worst quadrant!”

10. “In the human resource world, we call that being a filthy prostitute.”

What’d you think, PopWatchers? Would you have rather watched The Pelican Brief?