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Longer workdays = Less time for entertainment?

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Idoldwts_lI begin with a blanket statement: Anyone with a job in this economy is grateful. This is not about complaining, it’s about acknowledging a situation and asking who else is experiencing it….

Recently, I developed an increased appreciation for an actor who shall not be named because his mother gets his Google Alerts. There’s something on his résumé that I’ve never seen, and I’m told that I’ll like him even more when I do. I’m refusing to watch it. Why? Because if I do, I’ll want to spend hours Googling and YouTubing every interview he’s ever done to decide whether or not he’s worth all the hours I’ve just spent Googling and YouTubing him — and I do not have that kind of spare time. This is a first for me: Denying myself the pleasure of a celebrity crush because I’ve got too much work to do???

I started thinking about the other ways I’ve cut back on entertainment — not because of money, but because of time. I realized I’ve changed the way I watch American Idol and Dancing With the Stars this season: I now only watch the performances, no judges’ critiques or scores. With America’s Next Top Model, I just watch the photo shoots and panel reveals, no teaches or house fights. (I even fast-forward through the deliberation and find out who was eliminated by seeing whose picture disappears from the group shot at the end of the episode.) And as for those three-a-day NCIS repeats I’ve been recording on USA to catch up, no more. I cannot keep fighting a daily space war with my DVR. (I know you’re 86 percent full — of NCIS episodes that I haven’t been able to watch for weeks). 

Anyone else finding themselves cutting back on entertainment (or crushes) because they’re spending more hours at work? Or what creative measures have you taken to fit it all in?

addCredit(“Idol: Michael Becker/Fox; Stars: Kelsey McNeal/ABC”)