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Jon Hamm: Refusal to switch month on calendar enters 'ridiculous' territory

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Jon_hamm_januaryToday I received my 16th “You’re a tool” remark regarding my utter refusal to acknowledge the current month on my Mad Men calendar. I can’t bring myself to change it! Don Draper Seductively Smoking is the iconic image of the series/my fantasies! I keep him behind my computer, which allows for a fun and frustrating regimen of me zoning out while wondering what the hell is so interesting to the right of him on that wall that he has to look in that direction all the time instead of at me. (I finally figured it out last week: He’s looking at my other calendar. That makes sense.)

Anyway, not that we ever need an excuse to post about Jon Hamm, but there’s a lunch date with Jon Hamm up for auction on eBay! All proceeds go to the Adrienne Shelly Foundation — John Slattery, Paul Rudd, Kevin Smith, and Nathan Filion are also up for grabs. (Here’s the complete list.) You have exactly one week to come up with likely way more than Hamm’s current bid of $1425. Godspeed, and yes I do realize I could just rip out the “January” photo and move it closer to my head, and let the rest of the calendar fulfill its intended purpose. But that would just be silly.