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Leonard Nimoy and 'Fringe': A match made in geek heaven?

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Leonardnimoy_lMany, many moons ago, I was waiting anxiously for the elevator here at the L.A. bureau of EW. When the doors whooshed open, I nearly crashed into the person who was trying to exit. That person was none other than…Leonard Nimoy! He proved to be a delightful gentleman, especially given my poor elevator etiquette. I guess what I’m trying to say is: I should get used to seeing Nimoy pop up in cool, unexpected places. As my esteemed colleague Michael Ausiello has learned, J.J. Abrams will beam up the Star Trek vet to his Fox drama Fringe.

Nimoy — who also appears in Abrams’ big-screen reboot of Trek — will play the role of…William Bell. Yes, that oft-referenced founder of the shady corporation Massive Dynamic who used to be lab buddies with Walter Bishop (John Noble). Now, I’ve been wondering who might wind up in this role (Donald Sutherland? William Devane?), but Nimoy wasn’t on my guess list. But you know what? I’m in. I can see Nimoy infusing William with an air of reserved mystery that could provide a nice counterbalance to the freaky, filter-free Walter. The opportunity for a geektastic showdown on this increasingly addictive sci-fi drama also looms large. But enough of my conjecture — what do you think, PopWatchers? Will you tune in to see the joining of forces between Nimoy and Fringe?

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