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'Castle': Great, now I'm invested

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You know, this Monday-at-10 p.m. time slot on ABC has not been kind to me. Exhibit A: Crap. ‘What About Brian’ got me. Exhibit B: ‘October Road’: Worth another ride? Nathan Fillion’s Castle was already better than both of those shows combined, but last night’s episode (watch it here) made me do the one thing I hadn’t: care about Beckett (Stana Katic).

She finally told Castle why she became a detective: Her mother was stabbed, the cops called it random gang violence because there were no signs of robbery or sexual assault, and the killer was never found. It explains why she’d be a fan of crime novels like Castle’s — they always have endings — and why she puts solving cases for other families ahead of herself. The episode ended with Castle sitting down to look at her mother’s case file. (Love it when he gets serious — for a moment.) Is that just research for the character he’s basing on Beckett, or will he eventually help crack the case? (Or, will he let something slip that he shouldn’t know, and she’ll get angry with him for sleuthing behind her back, and the situation will either fuel or momentarily squelch the sexual tension that the writers are due to ramp up?) Either way, Castle producers were smart to give us that Beckett reveal now. Just like they’re smart to introduce us to Castle’s first ex-wife next week — and have them sleep together. (After loving daughter Alexis’ bedding, I’m oddly excited to see Castle’s linens, I’m not gonna lie.)

As for the laser tag scene (pictured above, and beginning around 23:28 in that link), two thoughts: (1) I can’t believe how hard I laughed at Martha (Susan Sullivan) walking into the frame and saying, “Has anyone seen my purse?” It was so obviously going to happen, but Sullivan’s delivery was perfect. (As was Fillion’s for his response to her asking how old he is: “Old enough to afford top of the line laser tag.”) (2) That is so the kind of scene David Boreanaz would kill to put on Bones. But, as I tried to explain to him last month, Castle can get away with it because they’ve set that character up as a complete man-child from day 1. (And BTW: I appreciated the character continuity last night having ice cream in the freezer.) Bottom line: I want to see Castle play with fake guns, and then when real bullets fly (as they do next week), cower. I want Booth to shoot the bastards.

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