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'United States of Tara' finale: We'll miss Marshall most of all

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Last night’s season 1 finale of The United States of Tara reaffirmed my love for Tara’s son Marshall — in my mind, the best gay adolescent character on TV. He’s thoughtful, vulnerable, hilarious…basically an understated, less flamboyant version of Ugly Betty‘s Justin Suarez. Tara’s encounter with Marshall at the hospital — “I forgive you, and I love you” — was one of the best and most tear-jerking scenes of the series, and exactly what Tara needed to get in the proper head space to meet her former rapist, Trip Johanssen.

Except it wasn’t a rape at all — turns out the sexual incident Tara assumed had launched her Dissociative Identity Disorder was actually consensual, and something one of her alters had experienced instead. Though not realistic in any way, Trip’s throwaway line, “See you later, T,” marked a huge turning point in Tara’s effort to cobble together her past. I loved the parting shot of the family with Tara’s alters present-as-ever in the bowling alley — progress has been made; yet nothing has been resolved. Every time an episode ends, I can’t believe this show is 30 minutes instead of an hour. Don’t you think it should run an hour for season 2, set to air in the maddeningly vague “2010”?

Click here for “Sho-runner” (and EW columnist) Diablo Cody’s commentary on the season 1 finale, which replays tonight at 10 E.T. on Showtime. What did you like about the finale, and will you stick with Tara for another season?