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Pearl Jam's 'Ten' reissue

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Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ reissue

Ten Original flavor, remastered and squeaky-clean. A

Ten Redux Brendan O’Brien’s ”remix” gets loud, pulling Eddie Vedder’s vocals forward and pumping the guitars. And bonus tracks like current chart hit ”Brother” will complete your PJ library. A-

Drop in the Park Vinyl ”bootleg” of a 1992 Seattle show that demonstrates how little the PJ live sound has changed. And that 13-minute ”Porch”? Wow. B+

Composition notebook The band’s handwritten notes and photos, beautifully designed. A

Demo tape Replica of Vedder’s audition, with his original vocal dubs of ”Alive” and other songs. Prepare to totally geek out. A

MTV Unplugged No banter, nothing rearranged: PJ take to this format like caged animals. Still worthy for ”Porch,” when Vedder falls off the stool, scrawls ”PRO CHOICE” on his arm, and makes with the crazy eyes. B