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Alec Baldwin would love to see Michelle Obama on '30 Rock' -- Would you?

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30rockobama_lAlec Baldwin told Hollyscoop.com earlier this week that he has a new 30 Rock guest star in mind: Michelle Obama. Upon hearing this news, my first reaction was “Blurg.” I’ve grown tired of the show’s stunt casting since they agreed to help Jerry Seinfeld pump up his Bee Movie in exchange for his gracing their show as a guest. But upon further reflection, I’m nearly lizzing at the possibility of seeing the first lady appear on my favorite comedy. Think about it: Though 30 Rock might have misstepped with some Hollywood guest stars — Seinfeld, Jennifer Aniston — the show has almost always hit a home run with its political guest stars (hello Al Gore!). And Jack’s former awkward position in Homeland Security under Bush (not to mention his co-workers’, after that whole “gay bomb” fiasco) would certainly make for good fodder in an episode starring Obama.

Do you think this is a good idea? Would 30 Rock finally get the ratings it deserves if they nabbed Obama for an episode? And do you agree with Baldwin, who said the first lady would be a better guest star than her hubby?

addCredit(“Obama: Joyce N. Boghosian/Getty Images; Baldwin: Mary Ellen Mathews/NBC”)