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Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes a healthy choice of a commercial

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Juliahealthychoice_l One of the best things I saw last night was the new commercial starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Healthy Choice. It features the star playing herself, taking a meeting with her mediocre agent (Don Lake). Initially reluctant, she ends up convincing him she should do the ad, rather than the other way around. You can see the ad here.

It’s a wonderful, deadpan commercial, and no wonder: The New York Times reports that it was directed by Christopher Guest, the autuer behind movies such as Best In Show and A Mighty Wind. (The expertly droll Don Lake appeared in both, as well as being a long-time collaborator with Bonnie Hunt.) 

The ad is a throwback to the poker-faced work of the great commercial creator (among other things) Stan Freberg, who added the same kind of self-consciousness to his work. Here’s a terrific example of Freberg’s work from the 1960s, a commercial for prunes starring the great sci-fi/fantasy writer Ray Bradbury:

That’s Freberg doing the voiceover. Anyway, the Louis-Dreyfus commercial is, I think, very amusing, and will be followed by another soon, co-starring another Christopher Guest alumni, Jane Lynch. Keep your eyes peeled.