Mandi Bierly
April 03, 2009 AT 09:46 PM EDT

Full disclosure: I watched this episode of Bones at 1 a.m., after I got home from a Rescue Me party where there’d been an open bar. Maybe I was so…we’ll call it “relaxed,” that no storyline would’ve gotten to me. But I expected this one — Cam has to tell the teen daughter of her former fiancé that her dad’s been killed and munched on by a tiger — to hit me harder than it did. I’m a fan of understated actress Tamara Taylor and I want to go deeper into Cam’s backstory, but I think we need to do it in a way that somehow involves Booth and Brennan. Or, at least Booth. (Seriously, I hope David Boreanaz enjoyed his week off. Even though I enjoyed a return to a relatively kitsch-free episode of Bones, I missed him.)

So, we found out that Cam had lived with Dr. Andrew Welton for two years, and helped raise his daughter Michelle. She hadn’t seen either of them in 10 years, until Andrew’s remains were found at a wildlife park after a benefit. She wanted to be the one to break the news to Michelle — who pretended not to remember her. Ouch. Okay, that got me. It turns out that Michelle was just angry at Cam for leaving her — and she never understood why. The answer? Because Daddy was a player, who wasn’t able to commit to any one woman after suffering the loss of his wife, which is why one of the nurses ended up offing him. (I thought Cam explained that to Michelle in the most respectful way possible. Meaning, I was just paraphrasing there.) I’ll admit that I was kind of shocked that it was BRENNAN who suggested to Cam that she take Michelle in. But then again, a parentless teen is the one kind of person Tempe has no problem relating to. Cam and Michelle reuniting their salt ‘n’ pepper shake set was a sweet ending, but I missed our usual B&B moment. I would’ve liked to have seen Booth find Brennan to discuss Cam’s decision — and Brennan’s role in it. I’m sure he would’ve been as pleasantly surprised as me and we would’ve gotten a few meaningful glances. Maybe this is what starts Brennan’s clock ticking? In which case, we’ll definitely be hearing about it in future episodes….

I would say my three favorite scenes of the night were: (1) Cam being allowed into the sacred Brennan/Angela sisterhood. Brennan should respect Cam, not compete with her. (And look at Brennan making with the funny! “Perhaps that’s why you’re always asking him to leave,” she cracked after Angela complimented Hodgins’ butt.) (2) The hypnosis of Brandon Casey (guest star Chad Lowe), the man whose wife died on Welton’s table. Actually, the animals looking over Angela’s shoulder as she sketched were overkill. I just really liked it when she went for the glass of champagne. I guess Angela and Sweets are now unofficial partners? I’m fine with that. Gives them both something to do. You? (3) When intern Clark Edison(Eugene Byrd) brought in his “romantic partner” to meet Angela, the woman who’s “sexually harassing” him. Angela is still on her Sweets-prescribed celibacy program, and was hot for everything from tiger urine to young Mr. Edison — who’d been assured by Brennan that conversation in thelab would, in fact, be strictly professional this time ’round. While I found that conversation between Angela and the girlfriend, a women’s study professor at Georgetown, most informative — did we all know that doctors were so…hands-on in the 19th century? — I seriously doubt that Angela hadn’t thought of using toys before. But kudos for making Clark flustered, ladies. Always fun.

What did you think of the episode? Did you get really emotional? (I swear, I’m usually an affectionate drunk.) How much more do you want to know about Cam’s life? Did you miss Booth? And am I right in thinking that Clark’s lady friend call him a “briefcase bomb”? Just want to make sure I have the term correct for when I use it.

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