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The Ausiello Files: April 10, 2009

EW’s TV scooper on Gale Harold’s return to ”Desperate Housewives,” Cyndi Lauper on ”30 Rock,” and more

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A Gale force returns to Wisteria Lane

Six months after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, Gale Harold, now fully recovered, returns to Desperate Housewives as Jackson, Susan’s ex, on May 3. And we do mean fully recovered. ”Quite frankly, I think he looks even better [than before the crash],” says series creator Marc Cherry with a laugh, adding that Jackson reappears with a ”very important question for Susan — one that she’s stunned by.” (I’m thinking it’ll be something along the lines of ”*i** *ou *a*** *e?”) Harold’s unexpected hiatus ended up benefiting the Jackson-Susan romance. ”We were planning to end his story [around midseason],” Cherry explains. ”But because of the accident, we get to bring him back and have a nice full-circle journey for Susan in season 5.” As for season 6? Cherry says anything’s possible, noting that the once-commitment-shy Harold ”may have changed his priorities [since the accident].”

Lost Mystery: Is This ”Him”?

Dexter‘s Mark Pellegrino debuts on Lost‘s May 13 season finale as the man, the myth, the cabin dweller known as Jacob. At least that’s the rumor. An ABC rep confirmed Pellegrino’s casting but declined to say who he was playing, on the grounds that it would spoil the mystery. Or some nonsense like that.


Duchovny’s Farr-out babe
What happens when a sex addict falls for a boy-crazy coed? I’m guessing we’ll find out later this year when Rescue Me and Numb3rs alum Diane Farr, ahem, penetrates the third season of Showtime’s Californication as a nymphy grad student who falls for David Duchovny’s carnally obsessed Hank. Farr is slated to appear in at least 10 episodes.

Cyndi Lauper Rocks on
Girls just want to have…full schedules? Iconic ’80s she-bopper Cyndi Lauper will play herself alongside Michael McDonald and Mary J. Blige on 30 Rock‘s May 14 season finale, which finds Jenna (Jane Krakowski) taking part in a ”We Are the World”-esque charity performance. And Lauper — who picked up an Emmy in 1995 for her guest work on NBC’s Mad About You — is in talks to appear on Fox’s Bones next season as a kooky psychic whom Booth and Brennan hire as a consultant time after time. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)