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Heidi Montag and the ladies of 'The Hills': The gift that keeps on giving?

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The Hills have eyes — and alas, lungs. Yesterday, our favorite little April fool released her latest musical bonbon, entitled “Look How I’m Doing,” then spoke to MTV today about her desire to collaborate with Lil Wayne, her continued drama with creepy-flesh-beard paramour Spencer Pratt, and working with Cathy Dennis, the songwriter behind hits like Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and Britney’s “Toxic.”

All this press is timed, no doubt, to coincide with fourth-season bonus episodes of The Hills set to premiere on MTV April 6, and though the song itself (embedded below) is less awful than underwhelming (despite the fact that it features more autotune than T-Pain’s entire back catalog), I’m mostly just impressed by Montag’s unkillable spirit. Her ability to persevere in a music “career” met so far by almost universal derision is, if not exactly advisable (and perhaps borderline delusional), sort of endearing. I mean, somewhere beneath those life-bouy boobs and teetering Louboutins must lie the heart of a true soldier; I know I couldn’t take the heat, much less walk anywhere near the YouTube-hater kitchen. 

However, I do have to wonder when, if ever, she’ll give up the ghost. I have an odd, inexplicable affection for Lauren Conrad, she of the heavily-lined doe eyes and pregnant pauses, who recently had the grace to pack it in and live a more private life. but with the season finale of former fellow castmate Whitney’s painful NYC relocation The City just behind us, and news that Audrina Patridge is getting her own spinoff, will pop culture always be haunted by Hillsbillies?