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Exclusive! Pete Wentz responds to Cobra Starship's "Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous."

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If you’re at all like me, Mixers, you were probably under the impression that Cobra Starship was a joke band created for the sole purpose of generating material to put on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. Well, I guess we would be wrong. What started as a sort of Hot Topic All-Stars — Midtown’s Gabe Saporta, William Beckett of The Academy Is…, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, Maja Ivarsson of the Sounds, and everyone’s favorite member of the Simpson family, Pete Wentz — at some point turned into a real band. Saporta recruited new members, signed to Wentz’s label, and is somehow already on Cobra Starship album number three, due this summer.

Today, the first track from that upcoming album premiered. It is called “Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We’re Famous,” and you can hear it on the band’s MySpace page. I initially asked you to go check it out, then come back here to answer the following question: Ironic song title, or most accurate song title in music history?

But now, I am thrilled to share with you this EW EXCLUSIVE email response from Wentz himself! (Oooooh!)

“I have to say Gabe Saporta has been famous long before I ever knew him. Infamous, famously late… He was always talking his way into clubs that we couldn’t get into. He  always knew someone everywhere we went. I mean he goes to Milan like three times a year. Cobra is the band to watch this year and that is simply due to their hard work and dedication. Cobra Starship is the only reason they are famous.”

We look forward to bringing you further updates as the situation progresses.