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Would you watch a comedy called 'This Little Piggy'? Seriously.

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Pigevil_lABC is developing a comedy called This Little Piggy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Desperate Housewives‘ Kevin Rahm (not Totally Lost‘s Pig E. Vil, also pictured, pity) will play a man whose younger brother and sister move in with him. I’m not against the plot: It sounds like it could be a timely take on what we do to survive this economy. And I’m sure, when the time comes for my backup plan — wee-wee-weeing all the way home, moving in with my sister and her husband and being a nanny to my four-month old niece, Coco (a.k.a. “the Bean”), while creating a line of pop-culture flashcards for infants (DO NOT STEAL THAT IDEA) — it will be comedy. I’m just saying that I do not ever see myself answering the question “What are you doing tonight?” with “Watching This Little Piggy.” Then again, I am prepared to buy a ticket to a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine now that John Cusack will star in it. So additional Little Piggy casting could change my mind….

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