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I'll take 'My Favorite April Fools' Day Joke' for $1000

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Happy April Fools’ Day, PopWatchers! I’m going to leave the hoaxes and whoopee cushions to you guys and instead present an example of my preferred method of April fooling: totally harmless pop culture shenanigans! Like when Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek switched hosting duties for the April 1 episodes of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! back in 1997. I’m more of a Jeopardy girl, so behoooooold:

After the jump, double and final Jeopardy, because I’d hate to leave you hangin’:

Not that it matters much, but I think Pat Sajak does a pretty good job. Anyway, as anyone who has read Prisoner of Trebekistan knows, Jeopardy! looooves holiday-themed episodes. Study hard, PopWatchers.

What’s your favorite pop prank?