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Robert Pattinson naked! Well, half. Sorta. In a 'New Moon' poster. That's fake.

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Twilightfanart_lSo, you guys, these two new teaser posters for the new Twilight Saga movie New Moon (pictured) are totally moody and sexy and aMAZing! I totally don’t care if they aren’t the real teaser posters and were made instead by some Twilighters with too much time on their hands and some wicked good Photoshopping skills, since they’re so much better than these super fugly fan posters and the suuuuper boring teaser poster that debuted at ShoWest this week. Although I’m pretty sure that’s not Robbie Pattinson’s bare chest, and I’m definitely sure I’ve never actually seen or read any of the Twilight books and totally have no clue at all what New Moon is even about! Based on these two posters, though, I’m gonna guess that New Moon has something to do with castles, fog, sadness, and men’s parfum. Tell me, P-Dubs, how close did I get? And do you likey some ab-solutely shirtless Pattinson (even if it may not really be Rob)?

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