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Bad Girls Go Everywhere

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Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Bad Girls Go Everywhere

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Jennifer Scanlon
Oxford University Press
Nonfiction, Biography

We gave it a C+

On the plus side, Jennifer Scanlon sure did her homework — 34 pages of footnotes! — for this biography of Helen Gurley Brown, ?the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Unfortunately, though, the book reads like a biased women’s-studies dissertation, with Scanlon hell-bent on proving that Brown should be credited — alongside the likes of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem — for modern feminism. (She doesn’t seem too troubled that Brown believes ”fat women…[are] less likely to attract the more desirable men” and that women should consider taking a second job to pay for plastic surgery.) Bad Girls Go Everywhere comes to life depicting the Cosmo heyday, but it never quite hits a sexy stride. C+