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'House': Anyone else almos def watching tonight?

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Mos Def guest-stars in tonight’s House as a patient with Locked-In Syndrome — a condition we’ve recently seen in CSI: NY, ER (the Cynthia Nixon ep), and of course, Julian Schnabel’s 2007 Oscar-nominated The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Watch the House promo below. He sings so beautifully on the inside! (You can also watch a few preview clips over at E! Online.)

If the storyline calls to mind the classic two-part “Point of View” episode of M*A*S*H, you’re not alone. Today, former M*A*S*H screenwriter Ken Levine wrote on his blog, “Tonight’s edition of HOUSE is seen through the point of view of apatient. Huh??? David Isaacs and I wrote that in 1978 for MASH. It’skind of a famous episode. I just watched a preview of the HOUSE episodeand it looks like the exact same show. Or maybe it’s just an ‘homage’.”

What do you think? If recycled plot points didn’t occur constantly — especially in medical or criminal dramas — there might not be any more TV. And I find Locked-In Syndrome so fascinating/appalling that I’d gladly watch any episode of any show about it, except maybe a Rock of Love Bus. What say you — “Been there, done that” or “More, more, more! (How do you like it, how do you like…your Locked-In Syndrome…)”?