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Can you spot the fake TV pilot?

See if you can determine which upcoming pilot is not the real deal — including shows starring Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, and more

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If the dismal premises for these planned sitcoms are any indication, comedy must be in a recession too. Take a look below and try to guess which of these sad-sounding projects doesn’t exist. Yet.

Amanda Bynes leads a group of friends who bond after they are all fired on the same day. (Canned, get it?)

Two Dollar Beer
An ensemble of blue-collar workers, including Michael O’Keefe, cope with their hardships over cheap brewskis.

Clueless banking exec Lisa Kudrow gets called before Congress for a money-laundering scheme.

Unnamed Pilot
Wall Street honcho Kelsey Grammer moves his family back to his hometown after losing job.

ANSWER: Bailout