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'Ugly Betty': Should Betty hook up with her boss?

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There’s been a whole bunch of web chatter lately about whether Betty should start canoodling with her boss, Daniel Meade, on Ugly Betty this season. Apparently a lot of people are into this idea, and in versions of Ugly Betty in other countries, that has, in fact, happened between those two characters. But now Eric Mabius, the actor who plays Daniel here in the good old USA, tells the Associated Press that he thinks a Betty-Daniel romance would be lethal. “That would be the equivalent of us jumping the shark,” Mabius told the AP. “In all the other series . . . they get married and the show ends! I’m not too excited about that idea!” Typically, when shows built around romantic tension do finally let their lead actors get horizontal, it does tend to suck the life out of the show.  Moonlighting and Cheers immediately spring to mind. But it would be delicious to see the ultimate ladies’ man realize that the perfect woman for him was right in front of him all along. And she isn’t a size zero. What do you think popwatchers? Would a Betty-Daniel makeout session light your fire? Or would it have you running for the remote?