Margaret Lyons
March 26, 2009 AT 08:24 PM EDT

Well, well, well, it seems someone at Cartoon Network has been reading PopWatch: Bobb’e J. Thompson will have his very own show! Just like we wanted!

Cartoon Network announced yesterday that it’s heading into live-action territory, with six not-cartoon series set to launch in the coming months. Bobb’e Says, according to the station’s press release, will be “a fast-paced, viral video clip show where other people’s painful mistakes become tools for Bobb’e as he dispenses sage wisdom to an unsuspecting public.”

I like when he dispensed some serious wisdom on Human Giant:

The other live-action shows include Head Rush, which is like Cash Cab but on a rollercoaster; Survive This in which teens compete in tests of “endurance, wit and self-determination,” hosted by Survivorman himself Les Stroud; Dude, What Would Happen, which answers silly hypothetical questions, a la MythBusters; and My Dad’s a Pro, a reality show starring 7-year-old Jaelen House and his dad, Boston Celtic Eddie House. (Uh, how was this show not called “Our House” or “House Rules” or some kind of House pun? Missed opportunity, Cartoon Network.)

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should Cartoon Network stick to cartoons?

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