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A video you HAVE to see: Department of Eagles' "No One Does It Like You"

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In case the anticipation for the May 26 release of Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest album is becoming too much (and this exclusive track didn’t tide you over), then perhaps this will ease your pain: at a panel-discussion last night at the Museum of Modern Art’s PopRally event, Grizzly Bear frontman Daniel Rossen debuted the new video for “No One Does It Like You” from his other band, Department of Eagles. And if you’ll please allow me to be a raving madman for a second, it is freaking amazing. But also a little bit scary. You’ll see.

The whimsical but sinister video conjures imagery from everything to an Edgar Allen Poe ghost story to a Tim Burton movie (gone wrong), while its exquisitely detailed choreography recalls Feist’s “1 2 3 4” video — not surprising given both videos come from the same director, Patrick Daughters. Daughters spoke via telephone along with his co-director, artist Marcel Dzama, about their inspiration for the video, which seemed to be centered around one lyric: “I cursed these legs I walked on.” (You’ll recognize the lyric as the point in the video when a character’s leg is sawed off.) Dzama said, for whatever reason, he envisioned civil war soldiers dancing in opposition to “ninja ballerina terrorists.” (There’s a plot of a Quentin Tarantino movie right there!)

The video’s special effects team were also on-hand, as well as its choreographer and producer, proving it really does take a village to make a music video, especially one as creative and inventive as this. Check it out after the jump. But, be forewarned, there will be blood. Lots and lots of blood.