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Miley Cyrus 'can't be Hannah forever': Indeed, she'd rather be Ben Stiller

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Miley Cyrus has confirmed what we all intuitively knew but, perhaps, were just not ready to face yet: That her Disney Channel alter ego is not, in fact, immortal, nor destined to live out her golden years before our eyes. “I can’t be Hannah Montana forever,” she told Billboard magazine while promoting her upcoming theatrical release, Hannah Montana: The Movie. “I have to have something

after this. I can’t do this when I’m 30.” (She did, however, also say she’s down for a fourth — and likely final — season of Hannah Montana. “This movie was never meant to be the end of Hannah Montana,” she

says. “The thing is, a lot of people put where the show’s future

lays in my hands — and it’s not up to me. It’s up to Disney and

whether they want more episodes, and we hope that they do.”)

But what’s a 16-year-old to do as a followup to conquering all forms of media? Why, become Ben Stiller, of course! Or at least work with him: “He directs, produces, writes, stars in — he literally does everything on his films,” she told EW in January. “And that’s something that you’ve got to be so talented and so focused to do. And he’s still funny. And he still seems so cool. So I would love to do some kind of movie with him that’s silly and fun, but still creative.” (Reporting by Adam Markovitz)