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'Flight of the Conchords' music recap: 'Petrov, Yelyena and Me'

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Last night’s episode of Flight of the Conchords wasunderstated, to say the least. There weren’t many advertisements forthe series finale, and the episode itself didn’t really feel like oneuntil the very last scene, when the boys were casually deported back toNew Zealand. Then again, it’s never been Bret and Jemaine’s style tomake a big fuss, so perhaps they just wanted to stay in tune with theshow’s modest manner. Then again…maybe it’s not really a seriesfinale? But until we find out for sure, we have the witticisms andmelodies of “Petrov, Yelyena and Me” to obsess over.

“Petrov” tells the gruesomely funny tale of a couple of cannibalslost at sea in the company of the delicious and outnumbered Bret. Thisfinal number was very odd, very creepy, and very appropriate. It standsout from the rest of their songs much like the guys themselves standout among today’s entertainers.

Unless you count the duo’s resourceful jam sessions that graced us in both the intro and closing, there was only one song throughout the episode, and that’s quite all right. They filled the half hour with plenty of hilarious moments such as Murray confusing Bret’s life with that of Luke Skywalker (remind anyone else of Frank from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia constantly confusing himself with Rambo?) and his nonchalant confession that he’s a groper. All of the supporting characters got their final laughs from Mel teaching a Hair Helmet-clad Bret how to rollerblade to Dave’s ability to reduce all things American to one line: “Welcome. Welcome. Forget about it.” The guys may have had the saddest role call ever, but did you see how happy they looked rockin’ out in New Zealand (below)? It just goes to show that no matter where they are, how poor they are, or how short their shorts are, Bret and Jemaine will never stop making music.

And so we (supposedly) draw to a close. Well, if these fine gentlemen truly are finished with this endeavor, I think we owe them a thank you for coming into our Sunday nights. They were good to us, no? It was a short stay but influential nonetheless. Needless to say, I’m heartbroken to see them go but trust completely that they know what they’re doing (they haven’t steered me wrong yet) and are only leaving us in this particular form. I cannot wait to experience what they do next. If that so happens to be continuing the show based on their lives as shepherds, well I’m game for that too.

So, PopWatchers, what’s your favorite memory from the Flight of the Conchords saga?