Jennifer Armstrong
March 23, 2009 AT 07:00 PM EDT

Craig Ferguson’s Sunday-night stand-up special on Comedy Central felt refreshingly…sweet. Sure, there were the requisite bleeps, but he joked about his Scottish mum lovingly — only through proper delivery and timing can her saying, “If you eat one more banana, you will turn into a banana,” be truly funny. And he seemed genuinely proud to have recently become an American citizen, a sentiment that seems even more current now than it could have when he taped the special in Boston last July during pre-election fever. (Loved his gentle take-down of George W. Bush, acknowledging that the prez seemed like a nice guy when they met at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last year, but that he still didn’t really want to take a picture with him.)

But nothing beat the bit about his foray into drugs and rock ‘n’ roll: After being turned onto pot at a Blue Oyster Cult show, the only mind-altering substance he could get his hands on for his next concert was some chloroform a medically employed friend slipped him. Let’s just say he missed most of the long-awaited Deep Purple set and learned his lesson. Does it get any more American than that?

What did you think? Did Ferguson’s take on moms, Sean Connery, Bush, and drugs make you laugh?

Here’s an uncensored clip from the show, which also comes out on DVD tomorrow.

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