EW Staff
March 20, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Ed Sullivan Show, 1956
After Elvis’ gyrating hips cause a stir on Milton Berle’s and Steve Allen’s shows, Sullivan shows the rocker mostly from the waist up.

Maude, 1972
Maude (Bea Arthur) gets an abortion. The resulting outrage prompts advertisers to defect; 25 CBS affiliates refuse to rerun the ep.

Married…With Children, 1989
A Michigan housewife leads a boycott after an episode full of bra shopping and gay references; ratings actually go up.

NYPD Blue, 2003
Charlotte Ross’ bare backside earns the ABC drama $1.4 million in FCC fines. (Dennis Franz’s tush? Apparently not worth fining.)

Family Guy, 2009
The March 8 episode discovers a surefire formula for a Parents Television Council complaint to the FCC: orgies + bestiality + equine bodily functions.

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