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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'Smallville,' 'True Blood,' 'Ugly Betty,' 'Prison Break,' 'Numb3rs,' 'Heroes,' 'NCIS,' 'Housewives,' Bones,' and more!

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Question: What is up with this supposed marriage that will take place at the end of the season on Grey’s Anatomy? I’m assuming that a Meredith and Derek wedding would be too rushed. –Dana
You know what they say about people who assume: They make an a out of ss and ume. I hear Der will finally propose to Mer in the March 26 episode titled “Elevator Love Letter” (gee, I wonder where he pops the question?), so, assuming she accepts, that gives the happy couple about seven weeks to pull something together. That’s more than enough time, no?

Question: Enough with the endless Twitter plugs. We get it, you’re twittering. Let’s move on. –Doug
I’m a step ahead of you, Doug. This week’s AA contains nary a single shout-out to the T-word. I’ll be the first to admit I went a little overboard last week.

Question: This is my first time asking a question, so, for the sake of a newbie’s sanity, could you please give a good Grey’s Anatomy spoiler on Cristina/Owen? –Sasha
Sorry, but the hazing section of the AA bylaws state that all virgin question-askers must be given an ugly, painful spoiler their first time out. With that in mind, remember me telling you that Owen’s PTSD would cause him to physically harm Cristina? Well, that little scratch last week wasn’t it. The violence I was referring to comes next week when Owen strangles the you-know-what out of her. Everyone join me in congratulating Sasha on getting her first AA question answered! You’re now eligible to join the AA frequent question-asker club. Click here for details on how you can earn points towards free hotel stays, a Macy’s shopping spree, complimentary upgrades on flights, and much, much more!

Question: How long will Izzie’s condition remain a secret on Grey’s Anatomy? –Tammy
Not long. Loose-lipped Cristina blabs all to Bailey and Alex right before she performs her first solo surgery. BTW, can anyone explain to me why on earth Izzie chose to confide in Cristina and not George? I mean, aside from the obvious: It would’ve required giving T.R. Knight something to do.

Question: The Burn Notice finale was incredible! Got any scoop on season 3? –Jennifer
Jennifer Esposito’s no longer playing season 3’s big bad! Click here to find out who is!

Question: Dude! What’s going on?! Where’s all the True Blood scoop!? –Ryan
Chill, bro, I’ve got just the tease for ya — and so does the show. Alan Ball and Co. are currently talking to “name” actresses to appear in just one episode this season (and more in future ones). The character? No less than Sophie-Anne, the 500-year-old queen of the Louisiana vampires. My mole tells me that Her Highness is as bright and witty as she is powerful and dangerous. (Isn’t that always the way?) Michelle Pfeiffer, call your agent — yesterday!

Question: Smallville scoop, please! –Jason
John Schneider, Annette O’Toole, and John Glover are back! Sort of! The Smallville vets will appear via flashback in the April 2 episode, which delves into Davis’ backstory. Is it old footage? New footage? CGI? No comment, no comment, and no comment! Oh, speaking of Smallville, click here to see Erica Durance in action as Stiletto!

Question: Please give me some information on My Boys. I’m going through withdrawal here. –Krysten
The season 3 premiere on March 31 resolves the whole Bobby-PJ-Jack love triangle (hint: farewell, Jack!). Meanwhile, Stephanie and Kenny keep their tryst under wraps. For now.

Question: Please tell me the rumors aren’t true about Lynette and Carlos having an affair on Desperate Housewives. –Barrie
First I’m hearing of that rumor. I mean, she will end up working for him. And he will accidentally see her naked. And he will kind of like what he sees. And she will be flattered by the attention. But an affair? Again, first I’m hearing of it.

Question: Is Ugly Betty killing off Ashley Jensen? –Henry
Nah. My Ugly mole assures me that a much happier ending awaits Cristina. One that involves a kidnapping, a medical test, and a reunion with the two men in her life.

Question: Do you have anything on Prison Break‘s last episode? –Abby
Justice will be served to both Pad Man and Christina, although one will involve far more blood than the other. Also, I have some more information on the finale’s Alias-esque epilogue: The closing minutes of the swan song will flash forward four years to show where all the main characters ended up. For more on PB‘s big climax, pick up the new issue of EW (on sale Friday) and turn to page 56.

Question: Please help out a Numb3rs fan out with some good scoop! –Hope
The show’s 100th episode on May 1 will be stockpiled with Easter eggs that only longtime fans will be able to spot. Or AA readers, since I’m about to slip you three insanely Googlable clues: Rooker, Merrick, and Rossmo.

Question: I just noticed that Numb3rs seems to have dropped Sophina Brown’s name from the opening credits. Any saucy scoop? –Bernd
Sophina remains a series regular. It’s possible her name was dropped from the credits because she wasn’t in that particular episode; not all Numb3rs regulars are contracted for every episode.

Question: I am hooked on Big Love. I’m begging for scoop on Sunday’s season finale! –Heather
Bill Paxton dropped by earlier this week to shoot a guest appearance on Ausiello TV (look for that video tomorrow), and he revealed that, unlike last season’s capper, this one ends with a cliffhanger. And here’s a little season 4 scoop: Damages‘ Zeljko Ivanek, who debuted two weeks ago as a creep who may or may not have fathered a child with Nikki way back when, will be back next season in a major way.

Question: I heard through the grapevine that you’ve seen the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. What the frak are you waiting for? Spill it! –Jacob
Unfortunately, the producers made me sign some lame no-spoiler agreement prior to the screening. Fortunately, the name I signed was Vanity Smurf! I’m a genius! Turns out Ellen isn’t the fifth cylon — Adama’s dead son is! OMGWTF, right? And that’s not even the biggest twist, this is: I’m kidding! (Or am I… )

Question: Got any good scoop for the Battlestar finale? –Andrew
This much I’ll say: If you’re a fan of BSG‘s third and current fourth seasons, then you’ll probably love Friday’s two-hour send-off.

Question: Brothers & Sisters scoop, please? –Harrison
There’s a surprise engagement in the finale (Rebecca and Ryan, perhaps?).

Question: I thought you were just kidding about Tommy fleeing to Mexico on Brothers & Sisters! –Jenny
That raises the inevitable follow-up Q: Was I also joking about him joining a cult? Hmm…

Question: Can you please tell me that Fringe has a chance — a good chance — of being renewed for a second season? –Daniel
Fringe has a very good chance of being renewed for a second season. And if it’s not, the actor they end up casting in the role of “Dr. Smith” is going to be royally pissed off, since he’s appearing in just one scene in May ahead of what promises to be a major recurring arc next season. Who’s Dr. Smith, you ask? A 55-65-year-old scientist and contemporary of Walter Bishop. Cue the inevitable “Is he Olivia’s stepdad?” speculation.

Question: I need some Heroes scoop, my dear! –Heather
The working title for next fall’s fifth volume is “Redemption.” That’s according to James Kyson Lee (Ando), who told us that production on season 3 wrapped last Friday and the cast is now in the midst of a three-month hiatus. He also called this Monday’s Bryan Fuller-penned episode a “monster” hour of TV. “Ando learns a new trick with his mojo,” Lee revealed. “He will not just be a supercharger anymore. He will be something more from that point on. He is becoming a legitimate superhero this season. which is really fun for me to go from powerless sidekick to hero.”

Question: Kill the Cheerleader, Save the Show. Please tell me Claire is one of the two for real deaths on Heroes. Her character is annoying. –Bishop
She is not. Claire will be back next season, although for a few hours late Tuesday things were looking iffy. There was a rumor going around that Ms. Hayden was taking meetings with top TV execs at the major studios. The rumor ended up being true, but it wasn’t acting work she was looking for, it was producing work: She’s pitching a new show and she’s searching for a buyer.

Question: Any chance there’s a sliver of truth to the rumor that Gale Harold is joining Supernatural next season? –Brianne
Nope, not even a sliver.

Question: Anything you can tell us about the two-part NCIS episode that sets up next season’s spin-off? –Linda
The eps air on April 28 and May 5, and, according to exec producer Shane Brennan, Gibbs and Co. “travel to Los Angeles and work with the new NCIS team to solve what begins as a murder investigation and turns into something bigger.”

Question: Are there any cast changes in store on NCIS? –Kate
Yes, but they’re additions, not subtractions. The show is introducing two new recurring characters later this season: Thirtysomething ICE agent named Julia Yates and mid-50s FBI director Barry Hutchinson.

Question: Any scoop on 30 Rock for us? –Matt
“We’re ending the season with some big family revelations about Jack,” reveals exec producer Robert Carlock, “that will allow him to ask questions about himself and where he comes from.” I’m guessing Jack’s mom will be dropping at least one of the bombshells since Elaine Stritch is slated to return in this season’s homestretch. 

Question: First you did it with Emily VanCamp, then with Brittany Snow, now I am begging you to please work your magic on Heather Locklear. I’d love to see her on Desperate Housewives as the new troublemaker. –David
I’m pretty sure I’d be wasting my time. Housewives, like every other hour-long series on the air, is being asked to trim costs (see: Nicolette Sheridan’s exit). And Heather Locklear’s special brand of bad girl does not come cheap. Having said that, I’m sure ABC could find enough cash to bring her on for an arc during sweeps. Or at the very least a one-off guest stint. Okay, you convinced me. I’ll make some calls. (BTW, in case you haven’t heard, Locklear has officially said no to Melrose 2.0.)

Question: What’s the latest on Zack returning to Bones? –Will
The latest is he’s probably definitely most likely going to be in the finale on May 14. And he won’t be the only Bones alum appearing in the ep. “The finale is pretty much going to have everyone who has ever been on the show,” reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan, who says Patricia Belcher (Caroline) and Ryan O’Neal (Max) are among the MVPs slated to join Eric Millegan (Zack). “It’s going to be an interesting last episode of the season. Very different for us, but it should make sense in the context of the season.”

Okay, that’s a wrap! Send questions/anonymous scoops/early Easter greetings to ausielloscoop@ew.com. And you can also follow me and my scoops at, uh, er, um… nevermind! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick, Jennifer Armstrong, Lynette Rice, Carrie Bell, and Aly Semigran)

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