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Fountains of Wayne: Going out of business?

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Fountains_lNo, don’t worry, the band Fountains Of Wayne have not split up. But it is being reported  that the New Jersey store after which the much beloved rockers named themselves is in danger of closing its doors permanently. Fountains bassist Adam Schlesinger—currently on tour with supergroup side project Tinted Windows— confirms that he is aware of the store’s possible closure but doesn’t have any updates on the situation (no one was answering the Fountains of Wayne phone at the time of writing). Schlesinger is, however, happy to explain how the band came to borrow the store’s moniker. “I grew up near it” he says. “It’s kind of a landmark in New Jersey. They sell stuff for your garden and they always had very extravagant Christmas decorations you could see from the road. We just thought it was a funny name. The owner’s name is Don Winters and went to the store and introduced ourselves. He was always really cool. I think he just wanted to make sure that we weren’t doing Satanic death-metal, or something that was going to reflect badly on them. It worked out really well for us because it automatically bonded us to everybody from that area. And, for everyone else in the world, it gave them something to try to figure out.” Schlesinger also admits that the critically lauded but not-exactly-stadium-filling Fountains may not have caused too many fans to become customers of the store: “I’m not sure there’s anything we can do at this point. Maybe if we were Coldplay it would have been a different situation.”

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