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'Dancing with the Stars,' week 2 performance: Thoughts?

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Dancingstarssteve_lOn tonight’s Incurring Serious Injuries with the Dim Bulbs, Steve Wozniak (bottom, pictured from last week) barreled through a quickstep on a bum foot, while a completely unnecessary front flip during dress rehearsal left jackass Steve-O (top) flat on his back, unable to perform. No matter! Whether previously recorded or liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!, the 13 couples powered through either the quickstep or the salsa. If you weren’t swiftly eating chips while watching…then you probably feel a lot healthier than me.

Who will endure what Tom Bergeron called “the ALWAYS humiliating first elimination of the season”? Should fringed pants have been outlawed back in ye olde season 7 when Brooke Burke wore ’em? Can Guperman save your day, every day until the end of May? Leave your thoughts below, but don’t forget to come back for the TV Watch. Duh.

UPDATE: The TV Watch is up! Zzzzz.