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Are horror films/thrillers the only way for young TV actors to get on the big screen, or just the most tired?

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Leightonmeester_lI’ve been trying to figure out why the news that Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester has been cast in the Sony Screen Gems thriller The Roommate as a terrorized freshman annoyed me, and I think it’s because I’m at the point that I roll my eyes any time I hear of a young TV actor toplining a big-screen horror flick or “thriller.” You’ve got to wonder if they’re rolling their eyes, too, when the script comes in, or if they’re just thankful that they got a movie script. (Maybe they’re actually fans of the genre that targets the audience demo they also belong to — I realize that’s an option.)

Just wondering if a young TV actor — and specifically an actress — can make a big-screen splash without going the horror/”thriller” route. I e-mailed a few colleagues to ask if they could think of anyone who’s made a successful-for-the-long-term leap that didn’t involve those genres, and the names that came to mind were: Michael J. Fox, Claire Danes, Michelle Williams, and Evan Rachel Wood. No one in the last five years. (You think of any?) Those that have tried — such as Adam Brody and Alexis Bledel — may hold special places in our hearts, but their names aren’t on the tip of anyone’s tongue…. 

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