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'Twilight' deleted scenes: Rightfully cut, I'd say

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Twilight_lIf you’ve seen the sneak peek of three deleted Twilight scenes from the March 21 DVD release, do you think director Catherine Hardwicke was right to trim them from the final film? I’d have to say yes, yes, and yes. While in theory, a second bedroom kiss sounds like a good idea, this one would’ve taken away from the intensity of the, um, more stirring session in the movie. (Here’s hoping there are more deleted kissing scenes on the DVD for us to judge….) The bonus woods chat feels like it was in the film (and is therefore boring). And Edward taking a taste from Bella’s finger is supposed to be sexy, but sorta comes off as unbelievable and laughable (especially if you’ve seen the sexytime that was Angel drinking from Buffy). Agree?

P.S. How much do you love our blurry arty screengrab?

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