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Matt Czuchry's latest school tie: 'Handsome Harvard grad'

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Mattczurchy_lLooking for an actor that radiates “preppy and well educated”? Might we suggest…drumroll…Matt Czuchry Oh, what’s that, Hollywood? You already know about him, and have cast him as “a handsome Harvard grad” on a new pilot? Well, knock mama over with a feather.

Seriously, Matt Czuchry has played some smartypants guys over the years. He was student at the fancy-schmancy prep school on Young Americans, and more notably the smarmy Yale blue blood that Rory dated for way, waaaaay too long on Gilmore Girls. (Ah, Logan Huntzberger, you were cute but you made me crazy.) He played an enterprising, lying Vanity Fair reporter (pretending to be a teacher) Veronica Mars, and while I can’t figure out where his Christian radio host character on Friday Night Lights went to school, we did learn that his sister at least went to Princeton. Later this year, he’s playing University of Chicago grad (go Maroons!) Tucker Max in the film version of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. And finally, he’s been cast on The Good Wife as a first-year associate working alongside Julianna Margulies, who’s playing a politician’s wife.

Maybe next he can play one of Andy Bernard’s Cornell classmates on The Office, or one of Chuck’s Stanford buddies on Chuck, or maybe another random person Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy apparently knew at Dartmouth, or he could drop by the Caltech labs on Big Bang Theory. Never stop learning, Matt!

Okay, PopWatch brain trust, who are some of your favorite booksmart characters? I’m partial to Wonderfalls‘ Jaye, myself, but I know there are more out there…