Michael Ausiello
March 09, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It’s a twist only a nerd could love: The Big Bang Theory‘s “cheesecake-scented goddess” is feasting on Ugly Betty’s geeky leftovers!



Kevin Sussman, best known as the poor lad that Ugly Betty dumped in season 2, has been cast as a love interest for Kaley Cuoco’s Penny on Big Bang.





As exec producer Bill Prady first teased in last week’s Ask Ausiello, Sussman will play a comic book-obsessed friend of the guys who starts dating Penny — much to torchbearer Leonard’s horror. 





As of now, Sussman is booked for just one episode, which is tentatively scheduled to air on April 13.





Speaking of BBT, here’s a sneak preview of tonight’s highly-anticipated Summer Glau-infused episode. Prepare to laugh your tuchis off.    





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