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The Eagles get censored. Wait, what?

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The Eagles might be one of the last bands on Earth that I’d expect to attract a censor’s notice. Everybody likes the Eagles! More to the point, everyone’s parents like the Eagles. Their greatest hits set went platinum more times than any album, ever. Their last CD was a Wal-Mart exclusive. Rebels, they are not. (At least not anymore.) But a minor controversy has erupted down in Birmingham, Ala., where a radio station is apparently censoring the lyrics of 1976’s “Life in the Fast Lane.” Specifically, they’re muting out the part where Don Henley sings the word “goddamn.” Pretty edgy stuff! I feel wrong just typing that word.

Okay, radio stations can bleep whatever lyrics they please, but I still find this pretty amusing. Who’da thunk, right? Hide your kids and grab your holy book of choice: A live version of “Life in the Fast Lane” is below, and we’re not censoring a thing.

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