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'Lost': Burning questions about LaFleur'...and one answer!

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Lostlafleurjulia_lTo answer your question: No, I CAN’T write enough about Lost, thank you very much. More ideas and questions have popped into my head since filing my recap last night, such as:

Daniel Faraday wasn’t seen during the 1977 portion of the episode. What happened to him? Will we finally see — or learn more about — the mythic founders of the Dharma Initiative, Gerald and Karen DeGroot? And then there’s this: The orientation film in the Hatch was dated 1980. I now have to wonder: Did Marvin Candle and company shoot that film knowing from the time traveling castaways what was going to happen in the future?

But enough questions. How about an ANSWER for a change? A number of you wondered what happened to Olivia Goodspeed, who appeared with Horace Goodspeed in the Ben-flashback classic “The Man Behind The Curtain.” There was also the episode “Cabin Fever,” where Locke had a vision of Horace building Jacob’s cabin, which originally was a getaway for Horace and his “missus.” Most of assumed he was referring to Olivia. Well, word on the street is that actress Samantha Mathis decided not to return to Lost this season, and probably any other, for that matter. So, what happened to Horace’s first wife? Well, who ever said Olivia was his wife? Is it possible they were brother and sister and the cabin he was building in the woods was always for Amy?

While you mull over my theories, I’m thinking through yours. In my recap of “LaFleur,” I asked you guys to send me your theories about Sawyer’s theory about the Island’s baby-making handicap. As it happens, the Doc Jensen e-mail box can only handle 1,000 emails — and I’ve received 700 e-mails already since this morning. A sample:

addCredit(“Mario Perez/ABC”)

“My theory is that the Island’s anti-baby policy was a result of Benjoining the Others and helping them kill off the Dharma Initiative.That must have been when everything got off track. The war to whichWidmore was referring is the war that leads to the death of DharmaInitiative and his eventual forced exile from the island. TheLeft-Behinders and the Oceanic 6 were sent back to 1977 to stop thoseevents from happening or to change the outcome.” –Lorena

“You have to remember you are dealing with two different groups. TheDharma folks were all killed by Ben and the Others. The Others thenmoved into the Dharma facilities. Two possibilities. One, the Island ispunishing the others for killing the Dharma folks. Second, the Otherscan’t have children because they live so long, either as a byproduct ofthe treatment or a condition imposed by the four-toed god for thegift.” –Jim Laurence

Good theories, both. In my Doc Jensen column next week, I’ll give voice to more. Until then: Any thoughts on the above?