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Jimmy Fallon: Four nights in, and... beer pong!

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I’ll keep it quick for this edition of the Jimmy Fallon First-Week Watch: Four nights in, and Jimmy Fallon is  loosening up nicely.  If he was overly effusive with Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice: “I love it; it’s my favorite!”  Really, Jimmy?), he had a fine time with Serena Williams, playing beer pong with her.

There was even a potentially corny audience-member stunt, electing someone “President of the Audience,” that became funnier the longer it lasted, peaking with a nice, poker-faced cameo by Rachel Maddow, who fist-bumped the host while making her exit. (She’s the best.)

And Ludacris with the Roots? Sounded  good — raucous and melodic — to me. Nice job, Fallon.