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'Burn Notice': How is Michael ever going to live without those smoking sunglasses?

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Burnnoticeglasses_dlSPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Burn Notice‘s season finale yet, then do not read on or you may get a rogue operative on your tail for not conforming by our rules!

I was on the edge of my seat (well, couch) watching our spy favorite gang — Michael, Sam, and Fiona — battle Carla and the rest of Michael’s beloved “caretakers” throughout last night’s season finale, which was by far one of the best episodes yet! I loved every last minute of the action-packed, witty adventure , but I was overcome with woe at the very end of the hour because when Michael took that daring leap out of the helicopter and into the Atlantic he (gasp!!!) left behind his token shades.

I feel a bit of a personal connection to his sleek sunglasses not only because they are just as much a part of Michael Westen’s character as yogurt is, but also because I had the fun task of hunting the frames down after many of you readers wrote to our Style Hunter and asked where you could get your own pair.

Now with his accessory left behind with “management,” I’m wondering will we ever see them again? Or do you think Michael will be sporting a new look come summertime when the show returns? PopWatchers, are you as torn up about this missing link as I am? Spill below!

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