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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah debuts new song on 'Fallon': Snap Judgment

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Remember Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, that Internet buzz machine from a few years ago that never quite lived up to all the hype? Well, they’re back with a new single, “Statues,” which they debuted on Jimmy Fallon last night and is now available on their site. The song itself is okay, if a little meandering and soft on melody (we’ll save complaints about Alec Ounsworth’s piercing whine for another day). More interesting was their Fallon performance, which sounded great. Emphasis on sounded: TV performances are often thin or mushy, making good bands seem totally lame. That’s most notoriously the case on Saturday Night Live, where TV on the Radio recently got butchered by a horrible mix, but the problem is widespread. Based on this clip, however, Fallon seems to have avoided that issue: CYHSY come across like themselves, with a clean mix and distinct instruments, and the vocal, enthusiastic audience makes it feel more like an actual concert than an airless TV-studio run-through. Will Fallon grow into the new go-to place for buzz bands hoping to broaden their audience? It’s possible. Who wouldn’t want to play for millions of potential fans and actually sound good?

Who else noticed the superior sound quality from Fallon’s set last night? What did you think of the new Clap Your Hands song?