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The Beatles are coming to 'Rock Band': Love, we do

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Beatlesrockband_lThe Beatles: Rock Band is happening! On 9/9/09 (catchy, you guys), MTV Games and Harmonix will release the Fab Four–themed version of the game, plus “a limited number of new hardware offerings modeled after instruments” they played. TBRB will be available for Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3.

I need to go spit and curse about the fact that I have Guitar Hero, not Rock Band. Bee are bee.

[musical interlude]

[Update: A rep for MTV Games tells me I can play this with my GH: World Tour instruments. Holla!]

Whew, I feel (marginally) better. This is exciting! Mostly because it gives me hope that the songs I dream of playing on Guitar Hero: World Tour with my droogs will maybe someday come out. My first pick is Queen, followed by Elton John’s and Dolly Parton’s greatest hits. Losertime confession: I would love a Cat Stevens track pack — who’s with me, Harold and Maude fans?! — but I would settle for a Greatest Karaoke Jams kinda deal, too.Aight, sodaPopWatchers: What tunes are you dying to play on Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

addCredit(“Beatles: Fox Photos/Getty Images”)