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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'Housewives,' 'Big Bang,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' '24,' 'ER,' 'NCIS,' 'Heroes,' 'The Office,' 'Smallville,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'House,' and more!

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Question: You got anything on the Mer-Der proposal on Grey’s Anatomy? –Cas

Ausiello: Mer not only learns about the engagement ring in next week’s episode, but she sees it, too. Unfortunately, the circumstances are less than ideal in both cases.



Question: Please, give me some spoilers regarding Cristina and Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll settle for anything! –Kelly

Ausiello: Even if it’s a little icky? Okay, you asked for it: Owen’s post-traumatic stress disorder will take a turn for the worse when he ends up physically hurting Cristina, albeit unintentionally. To find out what happens next, pick up the Spring TV Preview-themed issue of EW (on sale Friday) and turn to page 35.



Question: Put my mind at ease and tell me we won’t be seeing dead Denny again on Grey’s Anatomy. –Jenny

Ausiello: I bring you good news from Jeffrey Dean Morgan. “If they are planning on having me back this season, they’d have to do it awfully fast because I am about to have a major scheduling conflict,” Morgan told us at Monday’s Watchmen premiere. “I’m going to shoot a movie called The Resident with Hilary Swank. It is pretty much Psycho meets Fatal Attraction. I am a guy who becomes obsessed with Hilary’s character. So I don’t see how Denny could make a comeback this season. There’s always next season. You know, I trust Shonda [Rhimes], so if she wanted me back, I would do everything possible to get it done. But I think dead Denny played his part. He gave Izzie the warning. In a way, the whole Denny ghost-reaper-angel thing was similar to my experience with fans of Watchmen. People were merciless about both projects on the Internet, and eventually you just have to stop reading and trust your boss and do your best.”



Question: Desperate Housewives scoop? –Parm

Ausiello: Not even death will stop Edie from making life uncomfortable for her neighbors. I’m told the surviving housewives will be faced with the grim task of having to track down Edie’s now-15-year-old son, Travers, and break the news to him about his mom’s passing. Of course, the road trip turns out to be a good bonding experience for the ladies, so it’s not a total loss.





Question: Did I miss something? Where was the “shocking death” that ABC kept promoting during the two-hour Brothers & Sisters episode on Sunday? WTF? –Carlos

Ausiello: Don’t get me started. Too late, I’m started: It was unbelievably shameful — and this is coming from someone who last week titled a story, “Gilmore Girl rushed to ER!” And ABC’s deception paid off; B&S scored its highest ratings since September. On the flipside, no one’s going to be stupid enough to fall for the promo the network has planned for the show’s season finale: “Fugitive Tommy flees to Mexico and joins a cult!” Fool us once…







Question: I’ll offer you $250 for your Bad Robot statue. I know it’s worth more, but it’s literally all I’ve got. –Daina

Ausiello: Bidding on this item has been halted as the auction is under review by the Time Inc. ethics department. Apparently, it is against company policy or some such for me to use my column to auction off personal items to the public and then set up the main lobby as the drop-off. It was an honest mistake on my part.







Question: Was Kathy’s death on Sunday’s Big Love the minor character death you’ve been teasing? And, if so, I guess that leaves a major character death in the season finale? –Kristina

Ausiello: Correct on both counts!







Question: Please assure me that Sarah doesn’t bite the dust in the Big Love finale! –Dana

Ausiello: Sarah doesn’t bite the dust in the Big Love finale.







Question: 24 was crazy this week! Any scoop on what may happen next week? –Jessica

Ausiello: A longtime and much loved character will die while trying to save President Taylor.





Question: I absolutely love Renee Walker and President Taylor from 24! They are such amazing women! What intel do have on them? –Caroline

Ausiello: Agent Walker will get Jack clearance to torture Ryan Burnett, but my gut tells me one of Jon Voight’s goons will get to the blabbermouth first. Meanwhile, the Prez’s daughter, Olivia, shows her true colors to Ethan, and their confrontation leaves him a wee bit shaken. Methinks we’ve got another Sherry Palmer on our hands. Scratch that, meknows.





Question: Warner Bros. just announced that the second season of Everwood is coming to DVD. Spread the word and maybe they’ll release the next two seasons. –DB

Ausiello: Consider the word spread.







Question: Wow, thanks for the awesome Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer. Please give us fans some hope for a third season. The new DVR numbers seem promising! –Jessica

Ausiello: Unfortunately, those DVR numbers aren’t huge enough to warrant taking the show off Fox’s endangered list.









Question: Got anything on the series finale of ER? –James

Ausiello: SopranosDead Zone alum Cara Buono has landed what could turn out to be a landmark part: ER‘s final fatality. Her character, Lisa, is a 36-year-old pregnant woman who goes into labor after getting into a car accident. A show rep would only confirm that Buono is playing one of ER‘s “last trauma patients.”







Question: Got any scoop about Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory? –Sanna

Ausiello: Take it away, exec producer Bill Prady: “When it comes to Leonard and Penny, Wolowitz will explain to Leonard that opportunities to hook up with women appear like launch windows to the moon — if you miss one, it might be awhile until another one appears. This will become apparent when Penny starts dating a comic-book-loving friend of the guys.”





Question: I need more Big Bang Theory scoop! Please! –Zekat

Ausiello: Got anything else, Mr. Prady? “Koothrappali will continue to try to speak to women, Wolowitz will raise his standards (thus lowering his success rate), and Sheldon will inch ever closer to a complete understanding of the universe and everything in it — except people.” This show makes me cry tears of joy.





Question: I had a dream last night that there was a juicy tidbit in this week’s Ask Ausiello about Medium. Please tell me I’m tapping into that DuBois skill and you have something to report! –Brian

Ausiello: Wow, spooky. I actually do have some juicy scoop. Remember me telling you last week that Arrested Development‘s Jeffrey Tambor was guest-starring in a May episode? Well, there’s a bigger story there. Turns out, he’s actually replacing Patricia Arquette in the episode. According to an insider, the Emmy winner requested a little time off, so producers crafted an episode in which Allison passes her spirit-communicating skills to Tambor’s character. Neat trick, huh?





Question: Got anything on my favorite NCIS duo, Abby and McGee? –Beth

Ausiello: Don’t miss the May 5 episode. “There’s a little moment for Abby and McGee fans,” reveals exec producer Shane Brennan, “and if they look closely, they’ll see it.” (BTW, major Tiva scoop coming later today. Clear your mid-day schedule. THIS JUST IN: The story’s up!)





Question: Do you have any Dollhouse tidbits? –Jenni

Ausiello: The show’s mythology will really start to unfold on April 3 when, through a series of flashbacks, we learn who Echo was and the underlying “why” and “how” she ended up being lured into the Dollhouse. 





Question: My understanding is that One Tree Hill is returning without Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton. Is there any truth to this? –Kirsten

Ausiello: Well, based on the rather odd video statement she released, Hillarie certainly wants us to think she’s leaving. I’ll believe it when I see her clean out her dressing room. Regarding CMM, it’s no secret that he’s ready to move on, but, again, no final decision has been made. BTW, only two Tree Hill regulars are officially on board for next season: Bethany Joy Galeotti and Jackson Brundage.







Question: How about some Smallville news? –D-rick

Ausiello: The Legion will return in the May finale — in some form. Also, I’m told this season’s final two episodes will focus on a manhunt for Chloe and Doomsday.







Question: Thanks so much for telling us about Wilson coming face-to-face with his brother in next week’s episode of House. Anything else coming up for him? –Monica

Ausiello: Series creator David Shore tells me we’ll see “a hint” of a new romance for him before the season ends.







Question: My friend and I would like to meet you when we’re in New York in a few weeks. Can that please be arranged? We’d be willing to submit our bags for a thorough security check beforehand. –Gabriella

Ausiello: Fine with me, but you should know my personal appearance fee starts at $100 an hour. And touching is extra.







Question: Got any casting scoop for the new Melrose Place? Dig deep! –Owen

Ausiello: I hear Heather Locklear is pretty much a lock to reclaim her “Very Special Guest Star” title.





Question: I heard the title of episode 22 of House this season is  “Bye-Bye Thirteen.” Is that true? –Cindy

Ausiello: Sounds to me like the anti-Thirteen brigade is ratcheting up their propaganda campaign. The title of episode 22 is actually “A House Divided.”





Question: Please tell me there is still hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? –Adam

Ausiello: If I did, I’d be lying. Exec producer Stephanie Savage confirms that Derena is dunzo. “I will tell you — and you can tell [everyone else] — that they do not get back together as a couple.”





Question: How about some Fringe scoop? I am dying here now that it isn’t coming on again until April! –Garrett

Ausiello: A main character will become pregnant by the end of the season. But there’s a twist. Guesses as to what it might be? Head to the comments!





Question: I may be the only person on the planet who watches Heroes anymore, but could you please offer up some scoop? –Sarah

Ausiello: It’s a shame, too, because the show is actually getting good again. And later this Spring it’s going to get really good when Angela Petrelli receives the “Company Man” treatment via her very own origin episode! “We’re going to understand her in a way that we hadn’t before,” teases consulting producer (and author of Heroes‘ original “Company Man” ep), Bryan Fuller.





Question: Could you please tell me if Tracy (Ali Larter) is one of the two major deaths planned for the current Heroes volume? –Justin

Ausiello: There are actually three deaths coming up — two real and one a fake-out. I’m not saying which category Tracy falls under.





Question: Will we be seeing Zach on Bones before the end of the season? –Ajay

Ausiello: There’s a strong chance you’ll see him in the season finale. (BTW, major Booth-Brennan scoop coming later today. Clear your mid-day schedule.)





Question: I’ll be your best friend in the whole wide world if you give me some scoop about Barney and Robin on How I Met Your Mother. –Jay

Ausiello: Something major is going to happen with these two in the season finale. I know this because executive producer Carter Bays told me so. “That is one of the stories that we sort of have been teasing out over the course of the season,” he says. “And it definitely comes to a head in the finale.”





Question: Any Office scoop about when Amy Ryan will be back? Holly is Michael’s soul mate! –Erin

Ausiello: Exec producer Paul Lieberstein is confirming what I first told you back in January: Holly is returning for the season finale. “It’s a warm meeting of exes,” he says,” [albeit] exes who are not quite over each other.”







Question: There’s a rumor going around that Melinda is pregnant on Ghost Whisperer. I refuse to believe it until I hear it from you. –Craig

Ausiello: I can’t say for sure she’s currently pregnant. But I can say for sure she will be soon. Very soon.







That’s a wrap! Hey, did you know you can now follow me and my scoops at twitter.com/ewausiellofiles? Did you also know that ausielloscoop@ew.com is the e-mail address you use to send me questions/anonymous tips/love letters? C’mon, you knew one of those two things. The e-mail one for sure. The Twittering thing is relatively new. (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Tim Stack)