Lynette Rice
March 04, 2009 AT 12:28 PM EST

It may have been six weeks since Jason asked Melissa to get hitched in New Zealand but only a day (or so) has gone by since he dumped her in front of millions. ABC should be able to milk a least another hour of trainwreck TV out of this colossal hot mess, right?

That’s exactly what the network did on Tuesday night by programming yet another installment of the most jaw-dropping edition ever of After the Final Rose. I’m sure you’re with me when I say it wasn’t that much fun to see Melissa get drop-kicked all over again in that top-of-the-hour recap, but at least it was more compelling than seeing that random sample of five Jason cast-offs. But Erica and Stephanie et al was just the warm-up act, folks: Jason got another chance to explain how he “made the right choice for all of us … I was in love with someone else. I had to do what was right for everybody.”

To be fair, the guy looked pretty happy sitting next to Molly, who used the show to reveal that she will soon move to Seattle to join Jason and his son. It just felt odd trying to revel in their happiness when I know that just 24 hours earlier, the gorgeous young Melissa was humiliated on that very same stage. “People are so quick to judge,” argued Molly. “We are real people who have jobs and families. Luckily I”ve had Jason to lean on and we are happier than ever.”

Oh well — onward and, um, sideways! We now know that this season’s Jillian, a 29-year-old interior designer from Canada, will serve as this summer’s bachelorette. Before we handicap her chances to find a husband, however, give us your final word on Jason. Did he redeem himself during last night’s special? Do you think he and Molly have a real chance at true love?

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