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Releases of ”The Hills” season 4, ”Hotel Babylon” season 3, and more

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The Hills, Season 4 (2008)
The knock on this season is that not a whole lot happened. An astute soul could argue that not a whole lot happens on every season, but we’re not that astute.

My Two Dads, Season 1 (1987-88)
Forget Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan: Look for episodes 1, 13, and 16. That’s where Giovanni Ribisi pops up as Nicole’s (Staci Keanan) boyfriend Cory — only back then he went by ”Vonni.”

Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob vs. The Big One (2009)
Johnny Depp goes into full-on McConaughey mode for the title episode (one of seven) as surf guru Jack Kahuna Laguna, who tells the little animated sea dudes to ”just keep breathin’.”

Hotel Babylon, Season 3 (2008)
Sure, Paula Abdul (episode 1) and Torchwood‘s John Barrowman (episode 6) check in. But fans will know this as the year Charlie (Max Beesley) became boss and Anna (Emma Pierson) finally got engaged.

East of Eden (1981)
Purists will appreciate that it’s a faithful adaptation of Steinbeck’s classic about the Trask family. The rest of us will probably pick it up because it refers to Jane Seymour’s Cathy as a ”she-serpent.”