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Your weekend viewing: Tom Selleck, not Donald Trump

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Looking ahead to your Sunday TV choices, I’m going to make a small plea: Don’t fall for the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice (Andrew Dice Clay, really? Khloe Kardashian, really?). Instead, give the new Tom Selleck TV-movie Jesse Stone: Thin Ice a try instead. I gave the movie an A- in the pages of EW, and you can see a preview of it here:

Selleck’s portrayal of a sarcastic, stubborn, in-denial-alcoholic police detective is first-rate. Plus, the guy is still funny, as his appearance earlier this week with Jon Stewart (himself clearly a Selleck fan) proves (about 15 minutes in):

So when Sunday night rolls around, just remember: You do have an alternative to Donald Trump: a good murder mystery. You must agree that Tom Selleck is a more appealling human than the Trumpster, right?