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Emmys 2017
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Oscar film rip-offs

Oscar film rip-offs: We ponder what straight-to-DVD clones of the winners will be popping up in stores soon, including imitations of ”The Wrestler,” ”Slumdog Millionaire,” and more

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Oscar film rip-offs

It’s time for the annual post-Oscar rip-off glut! Here, a few straight-to-DVD clones we expect to see soon.

Slumdog Chamillionaire: Brahmin’ Dirty
In this diary of his 2008 tour of India, the Houston rapper jumps into a pile of dung to discover the true meaning of ”ridin’ dirty.”

The Whistler
His cheeks are sore. His lips are dry. But former whistling-competition champ Lenny ”The Lips” Lipschitz (Michael Biehn) still wants to ”bring the spittle” in a rematch against Reagan-era nemesis Hummer-abi.

As far as we can tell, this is a dairy documentary. For some reason, it still has James Franco in it.