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Jonas Brothers: Enough with the boots, okay?

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Jonasbrothersboots_lBy some miracle, even working here at EW, I’ve managed to stay clear of the tunes these brothers have turned out. I know as little about them as possible. I know they are spawns of Disney, I know they wear promise rings, and I heard that they are in fact biological brothers. (Joe Jonas, I think your mother may have had a brief encounter with the milkman, because I’m not seeing the resemblance.)

I can’t help but notice, though, that they have a unique fashion sense. I can appreciate people who want their fashion to speak to their personality; I find that mildly refreshing. However, after seeing the movie stills for their new 3-D flick, I’m going to have to suggest they replace their stylists. This boots-over-the-pants phenomenon is not a trend that should ever cross genders. Nutmeg Man, a.k.a. John Legend, couldn’t pull it off, either. Leave this particular trend for the horse jockeys and us women.

What do you think, do you appreciate the Jonas Brothers’ style for the most part? What other stars unique looks do you admire? Lady Gaga anyone?

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