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Inside This Week's Google Trends

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#5 Jennifer Aniston at ? the 2009 Oscars
Aniston topped the post-Oscar celebrity search list, ? followed closely by Jerry Lewis (#8), Goldie Hawn (#19), Ben Stiller (#20), ? and Robert Pattinson (#21).

#16 Eye Tattooing
? Oklahoma legislators are ? trying to ban the practice, ? according to one widely linked local news story. Wait — eyeball tattooing ? is an actual practice? ? Outside of my nightmares?

#57 Pancake Recipe ?
In celebration of National Pancake Week, foodies ?suffering from a bout of flapjack fever apparently rushed online for a ?quick fix. Hope they had some blueberries handy.

#85 ”Dömo Arigatö,? Mr. Roboto”
Oscar winner Kunio Kato’s quip at the end of his ? acceptance speech for Best ? Animated Short is a line from Styx’s immortal 1983 classic top 5 hit ”Mr. Roboto.”